EAWOP Small Group Meeting (SGM) 2020

Using Advanced Technologies and Artificial Intelligence at Work

Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, 27.-28.05.2020




Conference theme and scope
The goal of this SGM is to bring interdisciplinary perspectives on technology use at work, with a specific focus on advanced technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), together and to discuss opportunities, challenges, and future directions of the field. Furthermore, we aim at building up a European network in this rapidly evolving field. Within the SGM we address six core themes:
1. Overview and current developments in the use of advanced technologies /AI at work: Interdisciplinary views (from computer science, WOP, and practice) on current trends, applications, and misconceptions.
2. Transformation & implementation: How does work change? How can new technologies and/or AI be implemented while taking work context and human factors into account?
3. Consequences of advanced technologies / AI at work: Opportunities and challenges for work. What are positive and negative effects of implementing advanced technology or AI systems at work?
4. Methods of AI for WOP research: Increasingly, methods of AI (e.g., agent based modelling) are used in research outside of computer science. How are methods of AI used in research within WOP?
5. Bridging the gap between WOP, computer/data Science and practice: In the field of artificial intelligence, transparency, bias, and data security are issues that remain unresolved. What is the role WOP researchers can play in this interdisciplinary field and how can they contribute to building better AI systems?
6. Ethics: What ethical issues arise from the introduction of such advanced technologies/AI into the workplace or, more generally, society?

Keynote speakers
– José M. Peiró, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Valencia, Spain
– Gudela Grote, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Further keynote speakers to be announced.

Organizing committee
The SGM is a joined event between Goethe University Frankfurt (Department of Educational Psychology and Lifelong Learning) and Eindhoven University of Technology (Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, Human Performance Management Group).
Goethe University Frankfurt
Anna-Sophie Ulfert
Sonja Scherer

Eindhoven University of Technology
Sonja Rispens
Pascale le Blanc
Hannah Berkers
Maria Peeters

Abstract submission
Participants are kindly asked to submit an abstract (up to 500 words) by February 16 2020 via e-mail (see ‘contact’ below). Each submission will be evaluated according to its relevance to the SGM topic by at least 2 peer reviewers. Submissions should be structured as follows: purpose, originality, method/design, results, limitations, implications, and conclusion. Applicants will be notified about the possibility of participation by  the end of March.

We are calling for proposals for oral presentations. Contributions may address the topics and questions outlined above, but are not restricted to them, with respect to the novelty and interdisciplinary character of the field.
We will invite participants to submit their papers to a special issue of a journal (details TBC) and/or to contribute to a position paper for the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Participation and registration
Attendance at the workshop involves a small fee of €100 for everyone except for PhD candidates who have a reduced fee of €50.
For the contributions to be qualified as oral presentation during the SGM and to be selected as paper for the Special Issue, it is required that at least one of the authors will confirm participation to the meeting.

CONTACT: For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the local organizing committee: digihub@psych.uni-frankfurt.de